Teach me How to: Play the Guitar

Ask a parent of any 3 year old and all would tell you, kids this age really are copycats.

Jared would try to copy our words and intonation (to the extent of callling dad "hon"), our actions and the things we do around the house.

When his dad took out the guitar to practice, Jared was eager to also strum the thing.

And in the end, got tired of sharing the new toy with his daddy that he got his own.
His instrument of choice? A mini guitar ref magnet

Since I am the least musically-inclined person I know, may Jared take after his dad in this aspect. The boy was thrilled when his dad played 500 miles on guitar, went to the room in a rush and got his toy trains. Then, he requested his dad to please play all the other songs he knows. All kiddie songs.

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anney said...

Kakatuwa naman yung instrument of choice ng son mo. hehehe! I had a guitar when I was in highschool pero isa lang ang natutuhan kong itugtog.hehe!

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