Frustrated Stylist

I like nice and pretty things. What I like better is making pretty things with my hands.

When I pass by store front displays, I'm hypnotized by the nice arrangements, I count the merits of the nice ones and in my head, I'm rearranging the decors of the not-so-good ones to form something that I feel will be more beautiful.

I've blogged about my Martha Stewart persona and my fairly successful DIY and there are still a lot of pending projects I am itching to finish (when I find the time) and blog about.

It is terribly fulfilling for me to help set up parties, especially for those I love, like the recent birthday of my godson, Johan.

Not bad, right for one hour alloted for the set up time?

Of course, coming from a big family where help is just a text or FB away, the set up was 1,000x faster and easier.

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