Happy @ Home

During the long weekend, I planned to tinker around the house, fixing things (that doesn’t necessarily need fixing), making it more of a home- but I was still tired from a recent trip and I just decided to play with Jared and update my neglected blog.

It feels good to have your own home. We did squat with my mom and sister for two years after we got married and life was pretty easy. We still sleep there from time to time and our son practically lives in ‘the other house’. Ours is just the right size for our little family. It’s in an okay neighborhood and though we don’t really know our neighbors quite well yet save for the ‘hellos’ and occasional ‘how are you’s’, we feel safe here. More importantly, it’s a place we can rear our son and maybe his siblings.

We found this home because we prayed for it, we actively looked for one and we think we got the lead. It was a serendipitous find, something we did not expect when I was heavily pregnant with our son. It’s as if our son wanted a home before he was brought into this world.

So, in finding a home, real estate leads are important but being on the look out for the property, being patient, doing your part is just as important as well. Also, know what you want to make the search so much easier.

Here is Jared last weekend, enjoying play time with mommy in our home sweet home.

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