A Brush up on History and Our Luneta, Intramuros, Fort Bonifacio Tour

A few colleagues were in town for our business planning recently, and I volunteered to drive two of them around Manila one Sunday morning.

An hour before I left hime, I panicked and thought, I did not know Manila that well at all! Shame on me when I was born in the city, studied there in High school and has been working in the area for close to 12 years already.

My, my.... A quick brush up with history is in order.

The itinerary: Luneta, Fort Santiago and CCP.

The first stop. We were looking around and taking pictures when they sudently looked for Rizal. I was flabbergasted. Where is he??? It was only when we made a full circle of the monument when we realized we've been taking pics of the backside all along. Rizal was in front, thank goodness.

Intramuros, San Agustin Church. Pls do not even try to understand my body here. It looks alient to me. Why did they paint the facade peach?

Beatiful walls, still at Intramuros.

Nice cobblestone street. I hope informal settlers here can be relocated.

Manila Cathedral. All I knew was that Sharon and Gabby were wed here and that Sharon fainted. Hahaha. But would they even care? Hahaha. I'm so glad I remembered Cory was brought here so we talked about that and the ensuing procession. Good thing her son is now the President so that at least qualifies for current events?

Fort Santiago across the Cathedral. Scaredy cat. Horses I do not like! This one is on a horse-drawn carriage (kalesa)

Still at Intramuros, this time at the Rizal Shrine. It was coincidence I was wearing a Pinay and Proud shirt. So perfect for taking visitors around.

Thee image on every tourist brochure.

No pictures of CCP. It was just too hot to pose by then.

Lesson learned: go brush upon yoour history. I'll be a better tour guide next time.

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