Acuatico Stay for Free

I have the company to thank for this. A night at Acuatico! Splendid, splendid!

Given that we had our 'summer outing' during the raining month of August, it was still a wonderful stay nonetheless. This is also despite the 3 hour travel from our office in Manila to this resort in Laiya, Batangas. Don't worry, the road is paved all the way through the entrance of the resort.

I can only share photos, prices I think were negotiated room rates. Food hmm, maybe not also since we took our meals at the nearby Acua Verde, their sister resort. I am not sure which resort prepared the food.

Our room and restroom. What I didn't like was, we had to climb 2 flights to get to our room. Not good at 3 am and you are dead tired. This room as well as the others on the left side when you are facing the corridor are a bit small. The rooms on the right side have an amazing view of the sea. Not complaining though.

Around the resort. See the droplets of rain? It was good we were given a respite when the sun shone happily mid-morning. Two hours under the sun was enough to burn me. It was good we swam at the beach from 1 to 3 am, so we had time to enjoy the infinity pool.

The beach was wide, it was okay to walk in slippers although aqua shoes might be better. The sea water was comfortably warm even at 2 am! sand isn't fine but it isn;t icky either.

The nearby Acua Verde. Not as luxurious, but okay and clean as well.

The breakfast served at Acua Verde's tree house.

Hay, the best things in life are really free (wink!)

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