Managing a Household

We've been at the house for a little over a month now and while I can say we're enjoying playing "house" with our little boy, the realities of running a household is creeping up on me.

Like, I used to take for granted that when we get home, food is ready and all we got to do is eat. Now, I try to make a list of what items to buy from the market, when and how often do we need to replenish our food supplies and give suggestions for our weekly menu.

Now, I need to check on what day the garbage truck picks up our trash, how many days we consume the water in the tank, and when Maynilad will finally flow into our home.

I check dust on top of the refrigerator, check if the garbage can has been emptied, scrub our bathroom floor and segregate our clothes ( we used to just throw them all in one hamper).

Before sleeping, we check that the doors are locked, left over food has been stored properly and our beds are ready for the sleep we long for.

On weekends, we make a general check. Do the bulbs need to be replaced? Are the plants doing well? Are there things we still need to buy for the house?

Just the other day, I was planning to cook fried rice for breakfast but found out we have no syanse!

Another huge headache is managing your househelp. I plotted the daily ang weekly tasks in an excel file but sadly, it's not being followed.

Hay, buhay misis!

I could go on and on but I have a household to run.


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