Choo Choo Train: His First MRT Ride

This has been a long overdue plan. My son is in love with trains and we figured the long holiday is the perfect day to ride the MRT.

We parked at Ayala and walked to the MRT station

The ride up the escalator gave him the thrill, as always

Buying the tickets with daddy

O, yummy! Donut stall at the station

Forgive the mommy for not arranging the shirt before taking the photo but it was hot!

Savoring the first few minutes. we felt he was a bit scared here.

Checking the view

We stayed at Trinoma for lunch and rode the MRT back to Ayala.

Ice cream to cap off the memorable ride

Ninang Claire was on the same train! Had this picture taken at SM Makati.

1 comment:

Madam Misis Mummy said...

The excited expression on the 2nd pictures is priceless!

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