A Tub of Creamy Goodness

Oh my, oh my! For lunch recently, we strolled in a nearby mall and I’ve made a most wonderful and sweet discovery.

For those who love pastillas, the creamy, milky goodness is now in a tub.

Imagine not having to peel off the paper wrap? You can just stuff as much as your mouth can handle. =)This is actually less sweet as there is no sprinkling of sugar on top of every piece.

I couldn’t be happier. Each scoop takes me to heaven, then back again on earth to have another heaping spoonful of this ultimate dessert.

Sari Sari Sitsirya Stall ( in malls)
Special Pastillas De Leche
Big Tub: P180
Small Tub: P100

Of course I bought the big one.

And of course we ate it all before I can get a proper photo.


ivymarasigan said...

sounds yummy! i hope there's one in SM Marikina.

*mae* said...

Sana may picture!! Meron sana neto sa SM San Lazaro. Kelangan makatakas ako ke Deck. Heheh!

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