Play Areas for Kids in Manila

Parks are scarce, not to mention too far from where we live, the mall is always crowded. So, where do we take the kid for some play time?

Mall of Asia San Miguel by the Bay

Peso Power: Free! There are temptations though like the hotdogs and taho being sold by vendors, Starbucks (but they open around 10 already, thereby missing the morning crowd), and fruitas and zagu stalls.

We don't really like taking Jared to the mall because he hates the noise level but thank you Mall of Asia for that strip of walkway by the bay. This is located at the back of MOA with a row of restaurants and hooray for kids and mommies, a play area at the center (there is also one at the far end, near Microtel and Dampa style restos and it is less frequented so all the better). If you are going here, better bring the kids early. We are usually there by 6 or 6.30 am. It gets pretty crowded by 7.30am and we're usually off to eat breakfast around this time. It is very, very crowded in the afternoons. It is breezy and cool around 8.30 pm though when we managed to stop by one evening.

Active Fun
Peso Power: P200 unlimited play, accompanying adult is free

Since we discovered this place, we keep a pair of socks in Jared's bag for we never know when our feet will bring us to this place again. It's along that strip of restos at the back of MOA. If you want to look for it, it's between Gilligan's and Starbucks. The size is just right so you'll know where your kids are at any time. Kids who love to run and climb will have a super time here. Plus pint is they allow food to be brought in.

Home Depot

Peso Power: Free

This one is a revelation. When our house was being renovated, we often visit the Home Depot along Alabang-Zapote Road. We always bring Jared with us. It's not really a place for kids but they were considerate enough to allot a small play area for the kiddos. There is a small slide and a toy car and the floor is padded.

McDonald's Play Area
peso Power: Usually P200 for our breakfast

I know, I know. The area must probably be less than spotless. But our son loves it here (McdO Alabang Town Center) where the play area is separate. This is a very busy outlet on weekends but the play area is actually a quiet spot (save for the happy chirps of the kids, which I don't consider as noise at all) where we can have a leisurely breakfast as we watch our son play. It's bigger than most play areas and cooler as well. We spend about 2 hours on a saturday or a Sunday here ans last last week, I actually saw a staff clean the slides.

Next time, I hope to bring the boy to Nuvali and to the UP Oval.

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