How Many Bags Does a 2 year old Have?

To repeat the title, just how many bags does a 2 year old have? or need?

Red bag on chair: a gift from his godmother. A nice, colorful cars backpack, small enough for him to carry. This was his school bag.

Blue, small bag on the floor (behind the green one): a Graco small bag we got for free when we bought his crib. Something we used for short trips from birth til one year old.

Green bag: Polo bag, not something originally for Jared but I liked the many compartments outside so we claimed this as ours already.=)

Red bag on the floor: a red messenger Jeep bag. Pretty roomy but no compartments. We bring this when we'll be out the whole day. A gift.

Black and White checkered bag: An RL duffel which we've had before Jared was born. Also a gift.

So, to answer my question... as many as the bags he's gifted with, or as many as mommy wants. haha.

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ivymarasigan said...

my daughter has a lot. sling bags, body bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, pouches, diaper bags and school trolley. some i bought, but mostly gifts. :)

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