What my Son Learned at Playschool

It's playschool and it's only for 17 sessions at 3x/week but the 2 hour classes taught my son some valuable lessons:

1. Sing the National Anthem- he starts it with "Baya..." and we have to take it up from there. He inserts a few words here and there like "alab", and "puso" and the words at the end of the song "dahil sa yo". Instead of putting his hand on his chest, they are usually (both hands) near his neck, or down on his tummy. If we sing it sitting down, he will ask us to "stan" (stand).

2. Exercise- He will count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 then 8,7,6 and so on while moving his neck up and down and his hips from side to side.

3. Color- He now loves to color! One time, his canvass extended to the floor. It's a good thing thwy were able to wash it off.

4. Eat by himself- As a first time mom, I tend to baby our son. At school, he learned how to eat by himself, even asking for 2nd servings of cereal and barquillos from the food cart.

5. Patience- At school, they were taught to wait for their turn to be served food, or to be given goodies at the end of the class. I'm so glad that our son can now sit in his chair and wait for his turn to be called.

6. Share- They were asked to bring toys to school one day and then share or let their classmates play with their toy. Jared initially refused to let go of his Mozart cube but Teacher encouraged them to share.

7. Be proud of his accomplishments- Teacher Myra calls the kids by name and praises them for a job well done. At the end of the class, she draws a star on each kid's hand. Jared is careful not to have this erased during bath time so he can show mommy and daddy his star when we get home.

My son graduated last Monday (May 24) with a certificate and the distinction of being the youngest in class. I know it's just playschool but this Mommy is just so proud.

More on graduation day in another post.

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AEC said...

our boys are growing up so fast no? here's a tag for you: http://coffeeteaandme.blogspot.com/2010/06/50-random-questions.html

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