Second Birthday: Less the Fanfare

Aside from our Holy week sojourn to Pampanga to celebrate both our birthdays, we still decided to throw our (not so) little one with a small party on Easter Sunday with family. It was an easy Sunday afternoon and preparations took just a few days. All I need was to order food from CCME and we’re all set.

I was initially planning on having an Easter egg hunt, games complete with bunny and egg give-aways but decided against it at the last minute since there will be just 5 kids at the gathering, 2 of those might not even be interested to join anymore.

So, what happened was just a simple blowing of the cake, eating of great food and plenty of time with loved-ones.

From top left, clockwise: having a taste of his chocolate cake; clapping with the other guests; with young cousins tracey and cj; taking a break from all the playing.

Our garage wall provided a bright, warm and happy background for some portrait shots (except for Daddy and the birthday boy’s photo at the middle which was taken somewhere inside the house)

Now, the 3rd birthday is an entirely different thing. I think it merits a big trip since the boy will surely be able to recognize Disney characters by then.

What do you think, Dad? =)

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