Before and After Vaccination Tips

Time was when bringing the baby to the pedia for shots was a breeze. That is not to say it is beyond pain to see your small baby being pricked, and his resulting cry but at two years old, I must say it is now twice as difficult to accomplish this task.

Tip #1: Make the trips to the doctor a pleasant experience. At his pedia, the interiors are very attractive. The lime green accents, the yellow room and the lilac room are very attractive to the eyes of the kids. The waiting room is small, but there is ample space for my toddler to run and walk outside, while waiting for his doctor. There are enough toys and books to keep him interested. He loves riding in the car so the long trip (from Las Pinas to Med City) is one exciting trip for him.

Tip #2: Do not make the word doctor or clinic or hospital something that you scare your child with. We don’t say threaten our child with visits to the doctor or injections is he misbehaves. It’s instilling fear in a very young mind.

Tip #3: Give lots of warm hugs and kisses to soothe him during and immediately after the shot. Yes, he’ll be bawling but mommy’s (pr dad’s) hugs and kisses will make it less painful.

Tip #4: After the vaccine, preoccupy his mind with something else. We don’t keep on asking if its painful or if it still hurts. We cheer him up and offer toys or food to keep him distracted. His is always effective in keeping his mind off the shot permanently.

Still, given the above, it took 4 people to control Jared’s kicking so the nurse can properly give his Flu vaccine.

Until the next shot!

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