Turning 2

It was a whirlwind of activities leading to the little boy’s 2nd birthday. In fact, we had been singing the birthday song to him since mommy’s birthday a week before, up to Easter Sunday which was a day after his birthday.

Our little one isn’t so little anymore. Here’s his “report card” at 2.

1. Can sing his ABC’s with letters O, U and W as his favorite letters. See him form the letter O with his pointed mouth and he gets us all laughing.
2. He can say A,A,A Ape, A, A,A apple or M, M M,mommy.
3. Can count 1-10 without any assistance (but takes a lot of prompting) and can follow us count up to 20
4. Can identify most of the written letters and numbers
5. Still loves oatmeal and koko crunch cereal, rice with cheese and chiz whiz and hates even microscopic portions of meat
6. Loves cars. Whether riding one or driving his own small version. His daddy lets him sit on his lap when we get home, and they drive a few meters to turn the car around until they enter the garage. He knows when to press the hazard signal, and when to turn on the right hand signal.
7. Still walks barefoot in the house but at times, will wear nothing on but his high cut sneakers
8. Very fond of Little Einsteins cd
9. Still afraid of getting his hair wet
10. Loves TV commercials and dances to them using his half sway step or full way step. Mist have inherited his dad’s dancing skills (or lack of it)
11. He calls us what sounds like Mommei and Da-di.
12. He knows the name of the neighbor’s dog (Kody) and calls almost everyone else, he doesn’t know by name as Kody.
13. Favorite song is Mr. Sun by Barney
14. He is almost 3 ft tall, and weighs 14.2 kgs.
15. Gets excited when he sees playmates, but prefers older kids who run around (and whom he chases) rather than kids closer to his age

We really did not plan on having a party for him since we’re booked at a resort Friday-Saturday, to welcome his birthday. But what the heck, there will be a day when my boy will refuse to have a party so might as well prepare one for him now that he enjoys and basks in the attention.

Happy, Happy Birthday baby!

*Pictures taken an impromptu birthday shoot 3 days before his birthday

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