More trips this summer

This summer, I’m dreaming of traveling to more places with family. But I am not a light packer and with mommy, daddy, tita, lola and yaya in tow, plus the ton of stuff I bring for baby, our sedan sure takes in the abuse. So, I am dreaming of a bigger car or maybe a ford escort will do.

Our sedan right now has two long scratches on one side that sure needs repair. On top of that, the timing belt needs to be checked as we have been replacing that recently as well. I want hassle-free vacations and the one thing I’d want to avoid is to have the car break down on our way to one of my summer 2010 destinations. Will check out Phoenix Auto Repair and see what they offer.

For now, I still need to plan our next sojourn. On top of my list is Laiya, Batangas but on a weekday. I want to avoid the weekend crowd. Then, Lawiswis Kawayan Resort in Bulacan, then if we can still spend a night at Sofitel. I heard summer this year will extend to June, so there’s no better time to take advantage of the weather. Just have to be careful about sunburn and heatstroke.

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