Mother's Day at the Farm

Probably much to the headache of my husband, and then now including my son, Mother's Day is big deal to me. Yes, I demand attention on this day (and hmm, probably on some more days, too) and I think it it only fair to dedicate a day in a year to mothers whose entire year revolves around their family, right?

Much as I like malling, I knew every restaurant will be packed with families for the occasion. Having the Balik Bukid Fair on Mother's Day solved the dilemma of spending quality time together (my agenda) without having to spend loads of money (the husband's goal).

We've visited before and have tried all the amenities, so this was more relaxed.

Kissed by the sun.

Now, this looked like so much fun! Too bad we saw this only when we were almost leaving. Those 2 boys looked like they were having the best time of their life!

Posting this now, months after the actual event , because the next Balik Bukid should be coming up soon.

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