Family Photoshoot Preview

Something kept me very busy and preoccupied in the past weeks.

I was a madwoman pinning outfit posts (before I was lured by Instagram, my real first love was Pinterest), OOTD and scouring the mall and my favorite bazaars. Not that I am complaining. In my past life, maybe I did this =)

I created mood boards and pulled clothes from our closets left and right.

In my mind, I had the perfect outfits and perfect time when we would change them. I created an efficient system in my head where we don't have to look the same exactly the same in every frame. And I gave myself an advance pat in the back for thinking about every little detail.

But guess what? Plans didn't exactly turn out the way I had them planned. We forgot things, didn't consider the weather much (it was at the peak of the midday sun when we went outdoors), didn't realize how heavy the bags I packed were and we had to haul them practically across the photo shoot grounds. And we are covering a lot of space.

But guess what again. Each picture captured everything I had hoped for: our growing family, the genuine love in our eyes, the fun of being in the spotlight for the day.

We were also grateful to witness so much creativity and passion for work from great artists and the overflowing love from all families present.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Here's how our perfect day went.

By Studio XOXO
By Studio XOXO

Ruffa and Mike photography

By CasLow Photography

By Daniel Talavera

Screen cap from the Behind the scenes event video made by ZoomBox Weddings

Expect a deluge of photos in upcoming posts!

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