Baby Showers

Channelling my inner Martha Stewart for these...because every mom, especially the new ones, deserve a baby shower!

Theme: Baby animals baby shower
Color: Aqua blue
Aqua is a refreshing color for a baby shower!

We did away with the usual tarp and made cute circle cut outs

Our makeshift buffet table
Advice for the new mom and well wishes for the baby

A cute welcome to guests
These are really french fries holder but they can hold anything that fits. We put in chocolate crispies. 

Theme: Quen bee double baby shower
Color: Yellow and Black
The mom is really the queen bee at home, but the queen bee needs extra pampering, love and attention when the hormones threathen to rage every now and then during this 9 month period

All the yellow food we can think of

Isn't this the most striking? Note to self: I want a black and yellow DIY soon for the house

I was too busy with the program I didn't take too many pics. I did yellow paper flowers and placed them in a bayong box and voila, instant centerpieces.

The yellow cut out circles hanging from the ceiling was a nice touch, too.

Momma and Baby Bird Shower
Colors: Pink, pale yellow and brown

I Hope cards for the baby

Iced tea in jars. Cute stickers. You can't see from this angle but the bottles are arranged in a heart shape. Sweet! One pink drink for the momma and the rest are iced tea.

Pink biscuits in plastic canisters as giveaways to the ladies, a baby girl standee and more candies. I want a baby girl of my own.

The complete set up. Paper flowers turned out nice (only I didn't do them--have to learn how to make one as nicely)

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