1 Month Shy of the Terrible Two Stage

Happy 23rd month, baby! By next month, I wonder, will you still ask to be held and cuddled by mommy? Will you still bask in our endless kisses? You're growing up so fast and it seems your Daddy and I can't keep up.

Every morning, you ride the car with us until the village gate, then you will go down and walk with lola back to the house. We found out this will keep you from crying every time we leave in the morning.

You call all bodies of water "ocean", with your distinct accent. You love "eistein" (little einsteins cd), you just had your hair cut last weekend and still hated it, you are now trying to put on your shoes by yourself but getting impatient before the task is done. You can follow us count up to 20, and sing the alphabet with us. You love the sauce of adobo and mechado, but still hate the meat, drink 3 yakults a day and is still the joy and happiness you were to us from the day you were born.

We love you, Jared and I hope when you get to read mommy's blog when you're older, you'll see how much you are loved from the start.

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