My Yellow Submarine Ride

It was my first time to experience thanksgiving but didn't have anything planned aside from dinner with old friends. Had a breakfast meeting, a lunch appearance at a company beach barbeque, and a walk through at our project.

I've been on Saipan a lot of times before but this is my first time to ever really do anything tourist-y.

The view inside. It can comfortably fit around 20. I am claustrophobic so there was hesitation when this ride was offered to me. Verdict: it ain't bad.

 The submarine sprays bread on its side so the fish swims close to the porthole (not sure of the term)

The guy beside me was mistaken for my husband. haha. He is actually a colleague. I was the only Filipino on this trip.

The yellow submarine is behind this young, Japanese family. The little boy was ecstatic inside seeing all the fish.

The crew is mostly Pinoy so I got the sole priviledge of sitting on the captain's seat and putting my hand on the steering lever before we alighted. I'll update this with photos as soon as my Chinese friend emails it to me.

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