Jared Says, the almost 6 year old edition

His fascination with science and planets continues.

J: Mom, when was Jupiter reclassified?
Mom: reclassified?
J: when? When was it reclassified as a dwarf planet?
M: huh?

* * *

While praying

J: ...and Dear God, please do not let the sun burst, not in 13 million years because I don't want to get toasted.

* * *
J: grandma I'm going to the CR
Grandma: Okay, call me when you are done
J: It's okay, I can do it by my selfie!

p.s. Jared in year 2014, selfie  is a big word. It means taking photos of yourself, fyi.

 and because we have a boy who loves hotels
J: Grandma, I want our room to look like a hotel... white bedsheets, very clean.
Grandma: That's not possible
J: Why?
G: Look all your toys are kalat, stickers on the headboards etc etc
j: Oh, never mind. Let's just stay at the hotel when we have money.

* **

J: Mom, oh white bedsheets, white pillowcases. Did you get these from a hotel, mom?


Feeling Nostalgic

I will turn 37 tomorrow, but age doesn't affect me anymore. I've long embraced how wiser, more experienced, calmer and ehem prettier I feel as I get older. Never mind the gray hair, I've had those pesky ones since high school and I blame it more on genetics than age.

I'm teary-eyed because my baby boy is graduating on Friday! I should put my emotions in check because it might be a little funny if I cry on a graduation for kinder students! We have at least 11 more years of schooling to go.

From a small preschool, he'll be moving to a much bigger school so I shouldn't be a selfish mama and focus more on my feelings when this time is also all about big changes for him. New school, new classmates, new schedule, new level, new everything!

Thankfully, he seems to be really excited and is looking forward to being a "big kid" who goes to a "big school". This line from him sums up his torn feelings about being mommy's baby and being a big kid:

"Mom, I'll try to still be a baby, okay? If I can't do it, then I'll be a Grade I. But I will still love you mom."

I love you more little big boy.

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