First Sentence

So I won't forget.

Jared said his first sentence. And tadahhh.... it's
"Please shine down on... me"

Sounds familiar? Probably because it's part of a Barney song. But still, it's an
entire sentence.

Mommy is happy.


His 5th Haircut

This summer is unusually hot. So, off we took Jared for his much needed haircut. This was his 5th already yet he bawled his eyes out and in the process, scared the other kids in the salon.

I had to hold him while the barber cut his hair and “kuya”, the barber had to do it fast. Still, the hair at the back of your head isn’t cut properly and despite the ugliness of it, I didn’t have the heart to ask kuya to finish it off when you were already hoarse from crying.

After the hair cut, it seems nothing has happened. You even happily bid everyone in the store a chirpy goodbye.

Ahhh, acting?


Martha Stewart Wannabe

I've always loved pretty things and the effort that goes in making anything prettier and better.

For my friend Cat's baby shower, I did the decors and I'm quite happy with it, too. The inspiration: a candy buffet, in white and pink. Perfect for a sweet baby girl.

Baby Bianca's name in various background, decked with ribbons

The table setting with Mommy Cathy

we had strawberry coated pretzels, pink candies (pochi), white chocolate kisses, pink strawberry filled sticko, pink glazed donuts, fluffy pink and white marshmallows and caramel popcorn (i know it's brown, but it was placed in pink cones with little B's monogram).

Not much was eaten since the hosts prepared a sumptuous merienda but it was pretty in the pictures and my friend liked it. And that made the effort all worth it.


Mommy Moments: Cars and Kids

I haven't joined in a while and like a prodigal daughter going back to her family, here is my entry in this week's MM.

Jared loves being inside the car. He loves it when his dad lets him play with the steering wheel, or when he sits up fron t with dad (only while driving inside the village). Here are some photos of him riding Ate Vi (our Vios).

going to mommy's office @ 2 months

going for a check up @ 3 months

going to the mall @ 5 months

at 8 months

christmas 08

with daddy after his first haircut (10 months)

Christmas Day 09

I'm sure there will be plenty more photos in the car in the coming years. I hope it's gonna be a new car soon. =)

Check out the other entrries here.


Emps and Mel's Patio, a Party Venue in Cavite

We were able to attend a birthday party here and I must say it's a pleasant revelation.

To those living in the South, especially in Cavite, here's one to add to your list of venues to consider.

Emp's and Mel's Patio
Address: Imus, Cavite
Venue rental rate as of Dec 2008: P9,000 plus
Capacity: I think about 150 comfortably
You can bring in your caterer


stage area

high ceiling at the middle with clear roofing material, allowing natural light in. there are also trusses where ceiling decors can be placed

i think this is what you call wooden latticework. the side windows have this, as well as the stage area

bathroom area, very charming

ample parking area at the back

view taken from the parking area


Piece by Piece

Last night, we bought our dining set. Then this weekend, we're scheduled to buy the sofa. We already have our refrigerator from last year and the TV which was the first appliance we bought as a couple. And did I already mention our gate was installed last weekend?



Fascinated with a Bee

He is a big, red creature and I most definitely think I'd be scared of him at 2 years old, but Jared is enamored by this cheerful bee. When he sees that jolly face on the road, he's scream in delight. When he's close enough to touch him, he'd give Jollibee the high five.

We bring him in for a Jollibee breakfast on Saturdays so he can get his weekly dose of this bee. It used to be Mcdonald's but Ronald doesn't elicit as much glee from him as Jollibee.


1 Month Shy of the Terrible Two Stage

Happy 23rd month, baby! By next month, I wonder, will you still ask to be held and cuddled by mommy? Will you still bask in our endless kisses? You're growing up so fast and it seems your Daddy and I can't keep up.

Every morning, you ride the car with us until the village gate, then you will go down and walk with lola back to the house. We found out this will keep you from crying every time we leave in the morning.

You call all bodies of water "ocean", with your distinct accent. You love "eistein" (little einsteins cd), you just had your hair cut last weekend and still hated it, you are now trying to put on your shoes by yourself but getting impatient before the task is done. You can follow us count up to 20, and sing the alphabet with us. You love the sauce of adobo and mechado, but still hate the meat, drink 3 yakults a day and is still the joy and happiness you were to us from the day you were born.

We love you, Jared and I hope when you get to read mommy's blog when you're older, you'll see how much you are loved from the start.


Daytime Camping

The power was out for almost two hours and in this weather, that was hell, literally. So, we laid a blanket in the garage, placed the mattress on top and our son thought it was a picnic! His daddy was home for lunch after watching our gate being installed at our own house nearby, while mommy is home because lola has some errands to do.

What we thought was a bummer turned out to be a nice new experience. Our son had his fill of iced tea, too. Nyeks, bad mommy!

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