Halloween 2010: I am Jin Kazama

First of all,a month ago, I do not have an inkling who Jin Kazama is.
Jared was supposed to be Naruto, he who wore the orange taekwondo-like uniform.

But the mommy that I am, I serched for more unique ideas of who Jared can come as in this year's halloween party with a cosplay theme.

Then, sadness settled when Cargins (they made Jared's 1st Halloween costume: a dwarf outfit), the maker of the fab cosplay costumes turned me down as I was too late again in ordering.

Then, Partyboosters was fully booked already. They made Jared's sailor outfit for his 1st birthday party.

So that became a big problem.

Then I got to know the Jin Kazama. The evil Jin Kazama to be exact.
And I found a store at SM Manila who does airbrush.

Here's my peg on the costume

So, may I present my son, this year's Jin Kazama (complete with the hair, c/o Mommy)
Jin kazama with the wonderful abs and the fierce pants with flames and chains. Arm bands c/o his Tati who spent half the night fashioning this pair out from some sort of cloth.

Jin Kazama happily eating an oreo


A Garden Transformed (in 4 days!)

It all started innocently enough. I wanted to buy some plants to add some green to an otherwise blah looking front of the house. The first time I went there, I had a grand time pointing to pots and plant vessels of all sorts and before I knew it, my bill already amounted to the total cost I was planning to spend for the "garden".

But a garden isn't a garden with just pots, right? So I needed to buy plants... and then came the stepping stones so the gardener suggested we turn the area into a zen garden.

I loved the sound of it!

So, we added more stepping stones,and pebbles. And of course, the requisite bamboo on the wall. Then, more soil, more stone and more pebbles.

Then, my mom suggested we fix the pathway at the side of the house. Great, I loved the sound of that, too.

So in the end, my pocket is sad but my eyes are feasting on a garden so nice it makes me want to just stay home and look from outside our window.

We're having a lot of last-minute fixes before our big move this weekend so there will be more before and after photo pics of different spots in the house.


Shoot That Ball

And he can really shoot some balls through the hoop. Daddy is proud.


Marching Order

At 4 am (I repeat, 4 AM)

Jared: Mommy, wake up!

Groggy mommy: Why?

Jared: Drink waters (yes, water with an s and the s stays no matter how many times we correct him)

Mommy finally gets up

Jared: Mommy, march!

Mommy: anak naman.....


Remind me not to go on a mallwide sale

Megamall was packed last Saturday and parking at 11 am wasa nightmare that we ended up parking in another mall (Podium). But, we needed to go to give moral support to Tati and her booth at the wedding fair and we did enjoy lunch at French Baker.

Huhuhu, our neighborhood (as in Southmall) French Baker closed down recently so this was a treat.

Mama, rice please

Hmm, this looks interesting

a nice family pic (yey not in our house clothes!)

I'll just eat this bread, mommy

Can you say "cute"?

A treat from Daddy: ice cream with kitkat bits


The Mcdo on a Hill

the slight uphill climb from the parking area

This is where you can usually find our family on a given Saturday.

Once, years ago, the flatland that the ATC area is now used to be rolling hills.

An atop one of those hills is our favorite weekend hang out.

Here are photos of the best Mcdo branch, in my little son's opinion.

This branch is always bustling with activity. On a weekend, students before practice probably, bikers, joggers and families converge at this spot.

We love it because the play area is separate from the dining area.

We can relax and read the papers, cover to cover, while our son roams around the place.

Kids are more gentle, kinder and friendlier here.

It's a great way to start the weekend right.

Bye, bye, Mcdo! See you next week


Two Days to Recharge

I'm going back to work tomorrow. As far as my son is concerned, today is still a Sunday, and if mommy so much as goes to the rest room without telling him, he'll wail and park himself right outside the bathroom door, waiting for mommy to come out.

Yesterday I gave my tired body the rest it needs, and today, my stressed mind is floating and wondering about celebrations, travels that I've been planning. I let it float for now.

Tomorrow, I'm posting some pictures from the largest footrace the world has seen!


And Life Goes On

Today is a bright and sunny Monday morning but my son thinks its a Saturday, his favorite day of the week. I took him to breakfast at Mcdo, our usual Saturday morning routine.

I've been so busy for something at work that everything else seem to have stopped. So now, I have 2 days off to devote my time and attention to the one person who needs it the most.

And finally, it's time to prepare for Chritsmas! Yipee!


Somebody Turns 2 1/2

His appetite is increasing and on special instances like this, we indulge his liking for all things sweet: cake, ice cream and more cake and ice cream.

He loves tsotolate (chocolate) and mamon and chamitos (chamito) and can drink all 6 bottles in a day if we let him.

Since mommy will be busy this week, we're taking the little boy out again this afternoon to make up for the time I'll miss spending with him in the coming days.

Happy 2 1/2 years old baby. We'll have a proper celebration next week.
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