Happy @ Home

During the long weekend, I planned to tinker around the house, fixing things (that doesn’t necessarily need fixing), making it more of a home- but I was still tired from a recent trip and I just decided to play with Jared and update my neglected blog.

It feels good to have your own home. We did squat with my mom and sister for two years after we got married and life was pretty easy. We still sleep there from time to time and our son practically lives in ‘the other house’. Ours is just the right size for our little family. It’s in an okay neighborhood and though we don’t really know our neighbors quite well yet save for the ‘hellos’ and occasional ‘how are you’s’, we feel safe here. More importantly, it’s a place we can rear our son and maybe his siblings.

We found this home because we prayed for it, we actively looked for one and we think we got the lead. It was a serendipitous find, something we did not expect when I was heavily pregnant with our son. It’s as if our son wanted a home before he was brought into this world.

So, in finding a home, real estate leads are important but being on the look out for the property, being patient, doing your part is just as important as well. Also, know what you want to make the search so much easier.

Here is Jared last weekend, enjoying play time with mommy in our home sweet home.


Acuatico Stay for Free

I have the company to thank for this. A night at Acuatico! Splendid, splendid!

Given that we had our 'summer outing' during the raining month of August, it was still a wonderful stay nonetheless. This is also despite the 3 hour travel from our office in Manila to this resort in Laiya, Batangas. Don't worry, the road is paved all the way through the entrance of the resort.

I can only share photos, prices I think were negotiated room rates. Food hmm, maybe not also since we took our meals at the nearby Acua Verde, their sister resort. I am not sure which resort prepared the food.

Our room and restroom. What I didn't like was, we had to climb 2 flights to get to our room. Not good at 3 am and you are dead tired. This room as well as the others on the left side when you are facing the corridor are a bit small. The rooms on the right side have an amazing view of the sea. Not complaining though.

Around the resort. See the droplets of rain? It was good we were given a respite when the sun shone happily mid-morning. Two hours under the sun was enough to burn me. It was good we swam at the beach from 1 to 3 am, so we had time to enjoy the infinity pool.

The beach was wide, it was okay to walk in slippers although aqua shoes might be better. The sea water was comfortably warm even at 2 am! sand isn't fine but it isn;t icky either.

The nearby Acua Verde. Not as luxurious, but okay and clean as well.

The breakfast served at Acua Verde's tree house.

Hay, the best things in life are really free (wink!)


A Brush up on History and Our Luneta, Intramuros, Fort Bonifacio Tour

A few colleagues were in town for our business planning recently, and I volunteered to drive two of them around Manila one Sunday morning.

An hour before I left hime, I panicked and thought, I did not know Manila that well at all! Shame on me when I was born in the city, studied there in High school and has been working in the area for close to 12 years already.

My, my.... A quick brush up with history is in order.

The itinerary: Luneta, Fort Santiago and CCP.

The first stop. We were looking around and taking pictures when they sudently looked for Rizal. I was flabbergasted. Where is he??? It was only when we made a full circle of the monument when we realized we've been taking pics of the backside all along. Rizal was in front, thank goodness.

Intramuros, San Agustin Church. Pls do not even try to understand my body here. It looks alient to me. Why did they paint the facade peach?

Beatiful walls, still at Intramuros.

Nice cobblestone street. I hope informal settlers here can be relocated.

Manila Cathedral. All I knew was that Sharon and Gabby were wed here and that Sharon fainted. Hahaha. But would they even care? Hahaha. I'm so glad I remembered Cory was brought here so we talked about that and the ensuing procession. Good thing her son is now the President so that at least qualifies for current events?

Fort Santiago across the Cathedral. Scaredy cat. Horses I do not like! This one is on a horse-drawn carriage (kalesa)

Still at Intramuros, this time at the Rizal Shrine. It was coincidence I was wearing a Pinay and Proud shirt. So perfect for taking visitors around.

Thee image on every tourist brochure.

No pictures of CCP. It was just too hot to pose by then.

Lesson learned: go brush upon yoour history. I'll be a better tour guide next time.


Monster Faces

I am amused and amazed at how our son "sees" us.

I'll let his drawings speak here.

disclaimer: mommy's body was drawn by lola and so are the labels in the pictures.

Crayola Obssesed

We might as well be stockholders of Crayola, with the frequency we buy crayons.
We've bought them in all sizes and shapes and National Bookstore is now the favorite store of the little boy.... more than Jollibee, which says a lot about his current favorite.

He loves to draw and color and make use of his crayons. But he loves it just the same to just hold his newest box and look at it from time to time. If there is a security blanket, maybe a box of crayola is his.

Such is his fascination that his Tati was able to take an afternoon session of Jared and his crayola.

Long Absence and Marathon Posting

A lot has happened since I last posted but I am back on track and will be posting 3 weeks worth of stories.

The baby boy is asleep, nursing a slight fever which I pray will not progress into something else and I have free time in my hands.

Have downloaded pictures, too and before I forget about happy partiesa nd touching base with dear old friends, of my son growing up way too fast, and of everyday things I would rather not forget, I'm posting them all tonight.


Hello, Friday!

Senorito while getting ready for school

Okay, give us a half-smile only baby

One more time...

I've been so busy with work the last 3 weeks I barely had time to post. Today, I won't be sleeping beside my two boys. Which makes me sad. But on a lighter note, I've been wanting to visit Acuatico and this is my chance. =)

If it's really nice, we might bring Jared there for the long weekend by end of August.

So I won't miss him much, I took photos of him before we left the house this morning, just as he was getting ready for school.

Here's my little boy wearing his PE uniform.


Sunday Love

I should have been done with my report, if only I've started on it. =)

As it is, I only have a slide on my powerpoint presentation, and an empty one at that. I opened this pc 7 hours ago but...

I've just untangled myself from our little boy's very tight embrace. He's fast asleep now and snoring ever so gently. Too tired from playing. Fact was, I felt guilty trying to work earlier when he was by his lonesome, talking to his trains.

So we played and mommy cooked spaghetti and we made the most of what was left of the weekend.

My report? I'll finish it later.


More of Tagaytay

We went to the Residence Inn Zoo (entance fee is P250 I think), where the stairs are so steep it scared me. And rightfully so because Jared miscalculated a step and had a lip cut. Thanks for the ice cream stand inside, it helped stop the crying and the bleeding.

at the parking lot of Joaquin's before we went around. The lot offers a great view already.

This giant primate will stare down at you at Residence Inn Zoo. Our boy panicked at this sight.

These days, it seems our3 year old is up to anything. Asked if he wanted to ride the pony, his answer was a loud and super long YES

Still at Residence Inn Zoo. This is a scene straight out of Lord of the Rings

Sweet-sour smile =)

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