Teaching my Son to Save

Yes, this a post about saving.

To those who know me, this is my weakest point (I'm trying to improve and improvements had been noted by the man of the house--thanks)

So, anyway, starting this boy young on the merits of saving.

He loves BDO and BPI and felt so adult and important when we opened the account it is almost funny.

Here he is flashing his passbook.


Riding High

At 4, my son’s greatest ambition is to be a rocket ship. He wants to be fast and to fly really high.
It’s an awesome way to dream at 4.  

I have a long-standing project to use empty 2 liter coke bottles to make his dream come true, but I   always forget to buy the needed silver spray paint for the project.

And it’s not a project he can participate in. 

This plane project came about after a successful mini pinball project from cardboard. As I was about to throw away the box, I remembered a picture I pinned on pinterest.


Used balikbayan or appliance box
Tons of creativity

Our used antenna made this recreation of an airplane more fun!

Fixing the wings

Adding decorations to his plane

Captain of Flight JL040308!


Letter to my Blog

Dear Blog,

You still remember me? Please do. I have toons to write about, but so little time. But as I said in this blog intro, writing keeps me sane, so I just might need to write tonight to keep me from going crazy.

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