August, Breastfeeding Month

I almost forgot that August is Breastfeeding Month. I just read yesterday's papers and there was an article on the breastfeeding rooms of the SM group. I've used those rooms quite a few times and even if there is still much to be desired in terms of how they can make it more comfortable (and cleaner) for us moms, it is indeed a commendable start.

Now, I wonder if there was a Mommy Milkshake Marathon this year. If there was, too bad we did not get to join. We joined last year, with the then 4-month old Jared in tow.


Mommy Moments: Name Game

mommy moments

If truth be told, we did not really look up the meaning of the names we want for him. I just wanted something nice, and for the two names to go together. Daddy gave him his first name, Jared and mommy supplied the second name, Nicolas.


So Fast

My little is boy is growing up so fast. As I try to complete his first year scrapbook, I am taken back to the moments I will forever treasure as a mom, as a parent.

This is one of them.


Looking for a file and MJ Night

I posted about my husband 'forcing' me to have a Michael Jackson night shortly after the pop icon's demise. MJ night means I have to watch all of MJ's videos with him. I was amazed at those videos, mostly because of the cost it must have taken to produce one (think Heal the World staged at the Superbowl) and it was relatively advanced for it's time (think Thriller, complete with MJ's transformation. I actually got scared of this video).

It was my first time to watch almost all of his videos. Yes, I know, I'm not really a big MJ fan, or music in general but his videos made me appreciate his music.

He downloaded most of the videos from rapidshare. That site was a great find but sometimes, looking for a particular file takes a long time. A friend pointed him to what works better. This Rapid share search engine makes searching for the files you need easier.

Now, he couldn't be happier knowing what he needs is just a click away.


Our Saturday in Photos

Before he got a bit sick, my son enjoyed another Saturday, this time with the whole family (meaning mommy, daddy, lola and tati) at MOA.

We found a golf cart parked not too far from where we left the car. A future golfer, maybe?

He loves pretend driving so give him this wheel cum exerciser at MOA and he was in heaven. Lola took of his shirt, supposedly for him to get a full dose of the sunshine vitamin.

He easily made friends with this 3 year old boy and was tailing after him for some time.

Slide away!

After an hour a a half of pure playing, he was tired and wants to be carried.

Apparently, he was super hungry and ate with gusto at McDonald's after.

'Til next Saturday!


Blessings and a New Found Faith

We visited a friend's 6-month old baby at the National Children's hospital where baby Matt was confined due to brain hemorrage. The operation was scheduled as soon as his vital signs have stabilized. I admire our friend Cris' full faith and acceptance of His will. I will probably be hysterical and inconsolable if I were in her place.

There was no guarantee of the operation's success but the doctors said it was better than doing nothing. Seeing the sleeping baby in the hospital bed at the ICU, and not knowing if this is the last time we will get to see him alive, I could not help but shed tears.

Matt has hemophilia, or in simple terms, his blood will not clot normally. What should've been a normal fall for other children became a life threatening situation for him.

That night, our family of 3 prayed like we never prayed before. Jared knows how to say Amen and that was his contribution in our prayer. We slept lightly, waiting for the news. Was the operation successful?

At 5 am, we received the text. It was a success. Matt was back at the ICU, and will probably stay there for the next 2 weeks to recover and for the doctors to observe him.

After seeing all of that, my problems and concerns seemed all petty compared to what their family went through. I realized we have a lot to be thankful for. Just seeing Jared healthy is blessing enough. Being a family is blessing enough.

Please pray with us for the complete healing and recovery of baby Matt and let us not forget to count the blessings that we all have.


TV to the Next Level

For the longest time, we didn't have cable. I never saw the need for it, given the fact that I prefer securing a spot on the bed or the sofa and enjoying a good book over TV anyday.

Recently though, we thought our toddler would enjoy cartoon network, and so we caved in and now we have cable.

But lately with more and more people beeing choosy and studying Direct Tv benefits, we've been looking at the possibility of us getting it as well. The reason? Taking price into consideration, it will come out cheaper, plus equipment is far advanced and the selection of programming is way better.

So, is satellite TV for us? We'll see. I'm still looking at the list of satellite TV providers.

(Jared is shown here intently watching TV)


Girl or Boy?

It used to annoy me when people ask if my baby is a girl or boy... even when what he is is wearing is a clear indication of his gender. That is, until someone said when you have a boy and someone mistakenly took him for a girl, that is a compliment.

Here is Jared, with his adorable curls and sweet smile @ 8 months.


Say Atis

Just this week, Jared said a new word much to our delight. He said atis!

We have a small atis tree in front and lately it bore quite a few fruits. Every morning, he visits the tree and touches the fruits. Then, one day, just a few days after this photo was taken, he said it loud and clear.

Btw, Orange for him is oda. =)

Mommy Moments: I Gotta Wear Shades

My son hates wearing caps, hats, necklaces, bracelets, even shoes. So, to get him to wear this pair of shades that came with a party loot bag was just unbelievable. For us to get even a decent shot of him wearing it is close to a miracle. This was taken a few seconds before he took it off and flung it to the floor.

Jared at 10 months


My Sunshine Yellow Shoes

My husband, who is conservative in his dressing style, finds my love for loud shoe colors outrageous. I, on the othe hand is absolutely in love with my new find: a pair of comfortable yellow shoes. I wore this to the office (with an all black outfit), last Thursday, the day after Tita Cory's burial.


Mommy Moments: Part of the Family

mommy moments

My sister wants Jared to call her Tati. It's a shortcut for auntie, a sort of slangspeak for tita (just like how tomguts is for gutom or hungry), but mainly because if my son says tita che and shortens it to (ti)ta che , it doesn't sound nice. =)

My sister is my happy companion during the times I was on bed rest, having a difficult pregnancy.

She gave Jared his first ever gift Christmas of '07. Months before he was born.

It's no wonder she has a special love reserved for my son.

Here is Tati and Jared during one of his first visits to the pedia.

One proud Tati at the baptism.

On his 7th month celebration

During his first birthday.

Last New Year's Day.

She taught him words like no,no, no (with matching finger action) and wiggle your fingers and showers him with kisses as soon as she gets home from work.

So, Jared, be nice to Tati always. She loves you very much.

Other mommies have their own stories to tell. Do visit Mommy Journey for more.


And the winners are...

Drum roll, please....

Before we post the names of the winners, let me thank all the bride-to-be's who joined our contest. May you all have a great unforgettable wedding day and a happy married life after.

Hair Vine : Regina
Wedding Cord:

To the winners, I will email you later today and hope you'll enjoy the wedding accessories from Princessweds.

Balikbayan Box

With millions of Filipinos seeking greener pastures abroad, sometimes, I think we're one of the few Filipino families without a close relative who is an overseas Filipino worker.

But before this post becomes a serious study on the pros and cons of working in a foreign land, I just want to say that I want to open a balikbayan box. Really.

The anticipation of waiting for that box at our doorstep, the joy of finding little treasures inside. I don't care if it's toothpaste, assorted candies, a few shirts, tubes of lipstick, hand sanitizers or even canned goods. I'm sure I will find some use for them all. Maybe, not for me all the time, but I can find them willing/obliging owners in a flash.

It's like being a child on Christmas eve again, opening the presents Santa left.

I'd like to think I am proactive. So, to make that little dream a reality, I can opt to do my online Christmas shopping early on Amazon, buy plenty enough to fill a box, have it shipped here and open my box with delight, as if I never knew what the contents were or convince, push, heckle one of my cousins to try and work away from home. Hay!

For now, I have this cutie inside my balikbayan box. No need to wait for Christmas!


Mommy Moments: Look at that Mess

I'm messy, but still cute, right?

This is my entry for this week's Mommy Moments. Want to check out more messy but lovable pics? Click here.

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