What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year, we put up our first ever Christmas tree. It was exactly how I want it to be. The husband of course would be happy with what I come up with and my then 3 year old looked up to me in awe of our wonderful tree.

Our red and gold tree

Fast forward to about 11 months and the now 4 year old has declared it is his tree and he will decorate it.

Knowing my days will be busy again, and to make up for some lost days with the boy, we decided to bring out the tree earlier this year.

He wanted to tear open the box.

And then, with the star in hand, acted as the boss of the entire spectacle.

I still think this tree is way tooo thin...

Would you be able to guess our theme for this year???
I still think it's not an appropriate theme for a tree. I mean, angry???

But surely, our boy and the birds are the star this year. And I am just too happy to smile from the sideline.

He kept re-arranging the entire thing!

And here is our bird-infested tree. I must add some nest!


The Professional Heckler

If I might borrow the title of one very popular blog, then my son is one.

This is one instance I truly regret not charging my cellphone, or the digicam.
About three weeks ago, I brought jared to watch his dad’s basketball game.
My guess is, he will be thrilled.

And he was! Very much. 

Presenting my son, the professional heckler.

His lines were:

Oh no, dad, you missed!

Here dad, here’s another ball for you (pointing to their team’s spare ball)

Then one player missed his free throw. Jared says:

Number 11, you missed!

Number 29, uh oh. Almost….

And he says these things in a really loud voice.
Then the following day, my son uttered what I think is the sweetest thing he has ever said to his dad.
"You're the best basketball player dad"
"..... but you lost yesterday"



Blame it on genes.

Our son, a precocious 4 year old has been diagnosed wiith asthma.

We already knew he bhad allergic rhinitis, something by OB warned us about when he checked our medical histories during our first check up.

It got worse lately, and prompted us to bring him to a pedia allergologist.

So now, part of our Saturday routine is to bring him to the clinic for his immunology shot. He is allergic to dust mites.

We are just thankful that what he has is treatable or managable, and its just to dust mites. I can't imagine him being allergic to his favorite chicken!

Here's the brave boy receiving the first of many allergen shots: he flinched but did not cry. And no tears as well during the allergy testing the week before.

Love the Healthway clinic at Festival Mall. I love the sunny space.

Asking the good doctor if the shot will hurt.

"You know Doctora I am 4 years old, almost high school na." This cracked us up!

It was nothing, mom!

His reward: a Mcdo meal, eaten at French Baker. Yey for French Baker's new store at Southmall.


Attention to Detail

He is the most observant little boy.

J: mom, what happpend to the light?
Me: why, what happened?
J: why is it now white and not yellow?

Daddy changed the bulb

  * * *

J: Tati, is that my mom's bag???

 * * *

J: Grandmaaaaa
Grandma: Yes
J: What happened to this? (pointing to the socket cover which was changed)

 * * *

J: is this my dad's slippers?

* * *

J: is this new? (pointing to the newly laundered shower curtain)


An Afternoon of Art

After the hectic day that was Saturday, the troop turned in as early as 7:30 a.m. and woke up refreshed 11 hours later.

We needed to tackle a lot of cleaning, loads of clothes of wash but the cool weather cooperated and we were done with chores at 10, just in time to cook our favorite weekend lunch of sinigang na hipon and fried galunggong.

By afternoon, we tackled a more enjoyable task: our arts and crafts.

Little boy found fabric crayons in his room, we got an old white shirt and drew our artwork.

It was a collaboration: mommy drew the sun, clouds and sea, daddy the tree, and Jared those little shapes he called traffic cones.

I was also prodded to do another masterpiece in his sando: don't laugh but this is my dragon.

After stopping at 2 shirts, the little boy went on his own businesses and opened one of the doctor sets I brought as gifts (done with my Christmas shopping-- a record for me) and played the serious doc.

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