Things to check before you enroll your child in school and my personal boo-boos

A little backgrounder. I am a first time mommy to a now active 24 month old toddler. His energy never seems to run out. Not when it's 5 in the morning,not when he hasn't had a nap the whole afternoon, not when everyone in the house is ready to call it a day.

He is a bouncing baby boy (literally). He loves jumping up and down the bed and loves the look of horror in our faces (mommy will have a heart attack form worrying!) and since his dad and I both work, he is left with owa (lola) and ate (yaya) everyday.

1. Gauge your kid’s readiness for school. My husband is not a big advocate of early child schooling. He wants to enroll Jared when he turns 5, for kindergarten. In my dreams, I want to home school my son in his early years. The reason why we enrolled him? We want him to have playmates! So, it's probably good to check if your reasons for sending your kid to school matches his readiness for it.

2. Check the proximity of the school to your place. While it’s true that quality education should be the foremost concern when choosing a school, in this summer heat, you have to take this into consideration. The heat at 9 am seems to burn you already and going to school in a tricycle isn't very comfortable. And this is playschool after all and riding a trike several minutes away with a very inquisitive toddler and with just his lola and yaya might be one challenging task. Now, multiply that 3x a week (his summer school days) and you get the picture.

3. Try to check if there are free trial classes. In his school, there is a free 3-day trial class but being the excited mommy that I am, I enrolled him right away, without knowing all the details, without asking all the right questions. Yes, I am impulsive.

4. Check the age range of the kids. Jared at 24 months is currently (unless somebody enrolls much later) the youngest in class. The kid closest to his age is 2 years and 7 months old. At that stage where development is very fast, 7 months seems to be years in terms of what the toddler can say/understand.

5. Check the curriculum. Yes, I know it’s obvious but I thought this summer class will just be play. Turns out, it’s all about getting the kids ready for the real school by June. So they sing the national anthem, write letters etc. My son just isn’t interested in these at this point so he basically just roams around and just sits down in time for his favorite part—recess!

6. Confirm the number of enrolees. The school said initially that they only accept an average of 10 students a class. During the first day of classes, a lot of parents brought their kids for the trial class. The result: not enough chairs and chaos! I think Jared was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people. Of kids shouting, running and parents running after the kids.

Now, 3 school days since the start of classes, Jared still is the only student in his class who stays outside of the classroom longer than inside, is the only one who always asks for an extra helping of whatever snack is served (told you his favorite is recess) and in those 3 sessions, he has been absent once and went home early twice.

Am I worried? No. He is just 24 months after all and just wants to play.


Mommy Moments: Red Day!

Red is one of mommy's favorite color and so the color stands out when you open Jared's cabinet.

Here he is wearing the featured color and on one picture- he is riding on something red.

Happy Mommy Moments!


More trips this summer

This summer, I’m dreaming of traveling to more places with family. But I am not a light packer and with mommy, daddy, tita, lola and yaya in tow, plus the ton of stuff I bring for baby, our sedan sure takes in the abuse. So, I am dreaming of a bigger car or maybe a ford escort will do.

Our sedan right now has two long scratches on one side that sure needs repair. On top of that, the timing belt needs to be checked as we have been replacing that recently as well. I want hassle-free vacations and the one thing I’d want to avoid is to have the car break down on our way to one of my summer 2010 destinations. Will check out Phoenix Auto Repair and see what they offer.

For now, I still need to plan our next sojourn. On top of my list is Laiya, Batangas but on a weekday. I want to avoid the weekend crowd. Then, Lawiswis Kawayan Resort in Bulacan, then if we can still spend a night at Sofitel. I heard summer this year will extend to June, so there’s no better time to take advantage of the weather. Just have to be careful about sunburn and heatstroke.


Birth Story, 2 years delayed

I’m being emotional, looking at my toddler. He’s 2 years old now. It seems only yesterday when I was crying from lack of sleep, and from the overwhelming duties of being a new mom.

Before I forget the details of that memorable day, let me give an account of April 3, 2008.
* * *

It was a Thursday and a regular check up for me. I was nearing my due date but this is the day our baby turns exactly 37 weeks so I figure I still have a week or 2 to go.

Before this, I have complained of being so hot at night, that even with the aircon on, my legs are still sweaty. After examination, Dra. Alfiler said my water had dropped to a dangerously low level and I need to deliver that very same day. In fact, she asked me to hurry over to The Medical City’s delivery room and she will meet me there.

So, now?

Good thing is we already had our bag and the baby bag in the car. My sister, who was with us that time, was also taken by surprise.

Not thinking of the gravity of the situation, we dilly dallied in the hospital lobby when my OB called me on the cellphone and asked “where are you?”. I replied “here at the lobby, doctora”. She asked us to please hurry up and proceed to the delivery room.

While there, I was given a gown to change into. Then the nurses and doctors were fussing over me. Skin test, blood test, asking me questions—all at the same time.

I didn’t even have time to be nervous! Everything happened so fast.

I was wheeled in an immaculately white operating room. Thankfully, there were no student nurses there. Just my OB, the anesthesiologist, and some nurses. I was suddenly nervous when they were about to insert the anesthesia. I braced myself not to cry and try to be brave but it went in and out without me feeling a thing.

Then, they began cleaning my tummy area. That’s what I thought. A few minutes into it and I heard a baby crying. Oh my, my baby is out already!

His was a loud wail and I became concerned that there might be something wrong with him. I wanted to ask, but they all seemed so busy. So I waited. Then a few minutes later, a baby was presented to me. All clean and cozily wrapped up in a blanket. He has red, red lips and frog-like eyes (though still closed) and he was peacefully sleeping this time.

My baby! And another realization hit me, I’m really now a mom.

Then our sweet little baby had to stay in NICU so we didn’t get to see him again until the day after.

But when I held him, my love for this little bundle of joy (literally) overwhelmed me and I couldn’t help but cry. I was at the breastfeeding room almost as soon as the nurse calls, never mind that I had difficulty walking at the start because of the operation.

It was worth it.

We took baby Jared home after four days at the hospital and our lives made chaotic, messy and sleep-deprived gained a whole new meaning.

So this is what love is all about.


A Big Playground

We’ve been going here since you were 6 months old and you enjoyed it every time. First there was the fresh air, then the boats, and most recently, you derive the most fun out of the playground.

Morning is the best time since we can take advantage of the morning sun and the kids are still in the manageable number.

I’ll never tire of bringing you here as long as you enjoy it.

The place: Bayside at the SM Mall of Asia


Turning 2

It was a whirlwind of activities leading to the little boy’s 2nd birthday. In fact, we had been singing the birthday song to him since mommy’s birthday a week before, up to Easter Sunday which was a day after his birthday.

Our little one isn’t so little anymore. Here’s his “report card” at 2.

1. Can sing his ABC’s with letters O, U and W as his favorite letters. See him form the letter O with his pointed mouth and he gets us all laughing.
2. He can say A,A,A Ape, A, A,A apple or M, M M,mommy.
3. Can count 1-10 without any assistance (but takes a lot of prompting) and can follow us count up to 20
4. Can identify most of the written letters and numbers
5. Still loves oatmeal and koko crunch cereal, rice with cheese and chiz whiz and hates even microscopic portions of meat
6. Loves cars. Whether riding one or driving his own small version. His daddy lets him sit on his lap when we get home, and they drive a few meters to turn the car around until they enter the garage. He knows when to press the hazard signal, and when to turn on the right hand signal.
7. Still walks barefoot in the house but at times, will wear nothing on but his high cut sneakers
8. Very fond of Little Einsteins cd
9. Still afraid of getting his hair wet
10. Loves TV commercials and dances to them using his half sway step or full way step. Mist have inherited his dad’s dancing skills (or lack of it)
11. He calls us what sounds like Mommei and Da-di.
12. He knows the name of the neighbor’s dog (Kody) and calls almost everyone else, he doesn’t know by name as Kody.
13. Favorite song is Mr. Sun by Barney
14. He is almost 3 ft tall, and weighs 14.2 kgs.
15. Gets excited when he sees playmates, but prefers older kids who run around (and whom he chases) rather than kids closer to his age

We really did not plan on having a party for him since we’re booked at a resort Friday-Saturday, to welcome his birthday. But what the heck, there will be a day when my boy will refuse to have a party so might as well prepare one for him now that he enjoys and basks in the attention.

Happy, Happy Birthday baby!

*Pictures taken an impromptu birthday shoot 3 days before his birthday

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