hay, haven't posted anything in a while. Been so busy with work. Sharing some kwento and pictures of my two TMUs.

The first one is wityh Mitch Lim. Got this for free ( i love free stuff!) by signing up for her free TMU offer at w@w. We went to Pictures and Profiles at Edsa Shangri-la to have my hair and make up done. I think she hasa tie up with John Mateos Ong as we also met John that day busy with his work (apparently, this is his studio). Mitch is just starting out in the business but she is nice, though a bit shy pa. She uses MAC products and took doen notes of what she used on me.

Mitch charges 8kfor 3 heads. I like how she did my make up, love the blush but her partner ( forgot the name, sorry!) who did my hair used a lot of hairpins to make up for a not so neat bun. Too bad because it looked nice up front, but not really very polished.

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My second TMu is with Julie Baun. I got Julie's number from a w@wie din. We went to her salon near SM North. Not really very familiar with the area but her instrcutions were easy to follow. Medyo mahirap lang parking. She is really very nice and makwento. She immediately offered us snacks and played some cds to entertain us while she prepared her stuff. She has a lot of experience with TV work as she used to be connected with ABS. Sh works fast and very polished. The reason why I did not book her for the wedding is because she said she could not use pink on my eyes as it would make my eyes look bulging in pics. On the first try, she used dark gray and ivory eyeshadows and made small half moons on my eyes ( di ba old style na to?) and when I said I'm not pleased with it, she changed the ivory to orange. Medyo metallic. Looks okey on the pics but not treally very comfortable with it. What is good is when I said maybe the bun is not the look for me, she immediately volunteered to do another hair style. this time, she took down the pins and curled the ends of my hair. maganda naman-- but I really could not book her because of the eyeshadow. I'll post the pictures din by tomorrow or Monday.
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