In all his naked glory

The title just sounds so dramatic. Haha, but this is not the for adults only type.

Taken at the memorial park, All Soul's Day 2009. The heat must have gotten to our boy's nerves so he asked for his clothes to be taken off.

More pics here.



My son has had this toy since he was about 6 months old. Today, he removed Teddy's jacket and we let his friend teddy wear something similar to his everyday outfit.

The result?


I'm in Love with a Younger Man

He makes me feel giddy
He makes me feel young
He makes me laugh
He knows just where to tickle me

I see things in a different light because of him
He teaches me new things
He brings out the best in me

I love waking up right next to him
He kisses me just because
and calls me pretty often

I'm in love with a younger man and he's none other than my son. =)


Belated Post: Jared's baptism

The two recent baptisms we attended reminded me of Jared’s own. He was a teeny, tiny thing back then weighing just 7 lbs at almost 2 months.

He was so fragile that out of his 20 godparents, only 2 attempted to carry him.

I don’t think I’ve blogged about it before so here are the pictures that day.

The church and reception venue, as well as most of the suppliers, were booked even before I gave birth. What a cute cake, right? =) That's my very own diaper cake creation. Mini diaper cakes with bear toppings adorned the guest tables. We later gave the bears away to the sponsors, and blue and yellow teddy bear piggy banks to our other guests.

Ehem, and mommy also designed the invites and the banner. Our theme was teddy bears and the motiff blue, yellow and brown. Bought my blue dress also before I gave birth and pulled something brown out of daddy's closet the day before the baptism. He thought themes were over after the wedding. By golly, you're all wrong 'ney. =)

Scenes from the church and the reception

And here are the two baptisms we attended.

As I'm a godmother, I helped my friend Cat with the preps such as the give ways for both sponsors (pink foil covered chocolate balls in glass jars) and guests (choc balls in a brown holder), the birdie designs and the banner and invites.

Cathy and Marwin's adorable Bianca

Ariel and Laurice's Cyrus. Laurice is a cousin and I helped decorate the function room at Kowloon West Avenue.

My Own Parrot

Last night when we arrived home, we called Jared from the gate. His answer was “andyan na po”. Got us all laughing. He heard this from the new show on TV. He is now so talkative, mimicking everything we say so we have to be extra careful on the “bad words”.

Looking forward to the Manila holiday tomorrow. I wonder where we can take the little boy.


My Little Picasso

This was his very first artwork. This was done less than 2 months ago. Now, all the colors in his set have disappeared! I think some are under the sofa, some on the side of the bed. Have to look for them or buy new ones soon so my little artist can get his art fix again.


A Second Kid?

With our son now 2 years old, we get asked--a lot, on when we plan to have another child.

We always say that we're not ready. And that's an honest (and not just a cliche) answer.

1. We still have a lot of things to pay!- Now we know that bringing child into this world, and the expenses that goes with it, does not stop after giving birth. There are vaccines, diapers, meds and the list goes on and on. It's good we were able to save on milk, because he was purely breastfed from birth to almost a year old. We have to think about our house mortgage, car payments etc, etc. We'll see where se stand financially next year.

2. We're enjoying this stage in our son's life- we want to focus on him at this time when he's growing a lot, in all aspects, right before our eyes. There's always the guilt factor that we get home late a lot of days, and not really being the first to see his developmental milestones. So, for now, our son remains the star.

3. Physically, I'm just starting my exercise regimen. I'm getting older and my first pregnancy was not at all easy so I have to prepare my body for carrying another child.

4. I'm enjoying some "me" and "couple" time. The first few months as parents, we were a wreck. Sleepless nights, trying to get home early, panicking over a splinter (with matching rush to the ER and xrays of the hand to boot), and mostly I was stressed over pumping milk. After more than a year, we can now go out sometimes with friends without calling the house to check on our son every 5 minutes, I can go to the gym, and can do the grocery without feeling like it's a marathon. Selfish as it may sound, I'm not ready to give that up... yet.

To be really, really honest? We're perfectly happy with our son and if we'll be gifted with only one child, then that's a-OK with us. I know people say being an only child is lonely but from the start, we already thought about this and well, for now, that's our stand as a couple. That's probably why we got 10 pairs of godparents for our son when he was baptized-- we wanted our friends to be part of our child/children's lives and so we crammed them all as sponsors for our first born-- because what if we only have one?

Give us a few more months, or maybe a couple of years, and we might just change our minds.

But for now, we will remain a family of three.



Met my friend Marisse in college and we went through study groups, out of town trips, first boyfriends, the subsequent heartaches and many more shared experiences in between during those four years.

Almost 7 years after graduation, we started planning for our own weddings which were 3 months apart. Then came another shared experience, we got pregnant one after the other.

Our babies were born 1 day apart. Meredith (Marisse’s daughter) on April 1 and Jared on April 3, of 2008.

We would have wanted the kids to be close friends, too but they live in Canada while we’re in Manila. So, when they come to visit, we make the most of our time together.

when they were 9 months old

they came home to have M baptized. here i am holding her while Marisse held Jared

Looking forward to their next visit. Miss you guys!


Dear Dad (Mommy Moments entry)

*My son at 2 years old babbles a lot and can already say up to 3 word sentences. He says Babbu to his Daddy for I love you and showers him with kisses but I know that if he can just speak, these are what he will tell his dad.

Dear Dad,

I love how you kept me warm and close when I was a baby.

I love our play time

I love that you go with mommy to take me for my vaccinations

I love our weekends by the bay!

I love that you change my diapers sometimes
I love our out of town trips

I love how you can put me on your shoulders for one awesome ride.

I love that you look at me with love

When I was hospitalized, I love how you made it fun and not scary for me

I love my birthday parties. Thank you for allowing mommy to prepare parties for me.

I love it when mommy thinks we look like a pair of mighty handsome gentlemen

When I don't want to swim, I love how you don't force me to, and our stay at the pool side was just as fun.

I love that you let me "drive" the car

I love you dad, now and even when you’re old and gray.Mommy and I wish you’ll have a great day with us on Father’s Day.

With much love,


The Tale of the Single Polliwalk

I’ve lost sleep over it, checked it out a thousand times on the net, packed lunch for a few days so I can save up and finally bought the super cute pair of Polliwalks
the night before our group outing.

Then, the following day, we had breakfast at a very busy Jollibee along SLEX. After going back to the expressway, the other slipper is gone. With its twinkling light and price tag, it was a loss I’ll regret for the rest of the summer.

Lifetime of the slippers: less than 24 hours. Sad.

Polliwalks, me thinks, is a cuter version of Crocs.


My Sister Will be on TV

My sister, who is the lady behind Princessweds, was interviewed by Lexi Schulze-Berenguer for ANC's ShopTalk. The taping happened on a Saturday at ABS-CBN's studio 6. Watch out for it on Tuesday (or Wednesday's) show. Shoptalk airs at 11 pm.

Still on Princessweds, pls visit booth #83 at the World Trade Center on June 5-6 for The Bridal Expo: Perfect Beginnings. 10% discount for on-the-spot bookings!
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