A weekend in Davao

Last year, one item in our summer bucket list was to see a waterfall.

That didn't materialize, as well as probably 90% on that list.

I'm so happy that months after, we were able to tick that one off the list. Thanks to our last minute booking and decision to join the dad. He's attending the wedding of a good friend, and we happily tagged along.

I packed the day before our early morning flight ( i think 4 am) and we overslept so we were running and puffing as we got to the airport. Mom and dad were tired and stressed. I am usually very early for my flights. But this boy thought all that running was the start of our great Davao adventure.

Our home for that memorable weekend was the Green Windows Dormitel where all the wedding guests were billeted. We love our Boutique King Room (highly recommended! plus they have a salong at the 2nd floor where I had my hair done for the wedding) and after checking in and resting a bit, our family together with another family of three started our Samal Island tour.

What 5 yr old won't be fascinated with caves? Ours surely got curious with this Batcave at Monfort Bat Sanctuary. The clusters of fruit bats gave me the creeps, and the smell was something not so pleasant. But, anything for the boy....

Our next stop was Hagimit Falls.

It was a long walk/trek, but the view was so refreshing.

Given more time, this will be a good place for a stop as it offers native huts perfect for picnics.

See a waterfall? Check!

"Twas his first time on a hanging bridge, too.

The rest of that afternoon was spent at a resort where the sun's rays was so harsh I the sunlover chose to hide under the shade, ship my mango juice and eat pizza.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find where I saved most of our Davao pictures. Will update this with more photos as soon as I find the energy to look for them.

The reception was at Waterfront Insular where we posed in front of this giant letters spelling Davao. Perfect for the souvenir shot!

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