My Guilty Pleasure

I've been busy and tired and I need all the energy I can muster. That gives me reason ( I think) to indulge in this sweet craving. But I've been eating this for a week, and I'm already feeling my slacks tightening. But I can't help it. Maybe when this project I'm working on is over, I can give up this guilty pleasure, too. For now, I want to lose myself in the heady and heavenly aroma of coffee and the slight crunch of the brownie as I bite into it, giving way to the chewy and chocolatey goodness inside.

I'm off to downstairs to Dunkin Donut!


Family Shoot at Sofitel

Last November, we enjoyed an overnight stay at The Sofitel. Mommy forgot to bring the digicam so there is no picture of this very enjoyable and well deserved break on our first day there. Tati (my sister) and Tito Giant came to the rescue the following day and came down to the hotel to take some family shots by the bay/ pool area and few shots of Jared at the room.

Here's what made the cut. =)


Busy Bee

It's been a terribly busy week and I still have loads to do this weekend. Romantic plans for Vday just would have to wait because we need to prioritize:

1. Take the car to the shop for the regular kilometer check
2. Scout for venues for Jared's swimming party. It's on April 3, Black Saturday, so I am preparing for sky high rates. I do hope we get to choose a venue this weekend.
3. Blog more
4. Contact the contractor to have the gate done

That should be more than enough to keep us busy over the next few days.

Though busy, we took the time to bring Jared out one night this week. Here's a picture of our almost 3 ft tall son, at the counter of Jollibee. He has this very pilyo look on his face.

Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone!


Palau in Less Than 48 Hours

I was in Palau for less than 2 days. Yup. Less than 48 hours. The immigration officer was in fact asking me if I had the date of my departure right. It was so short a visit that I did not have time to see what they were famous for: The Rock Islands, the stingless jellyfish in the lake, all the wonders of nature.

It was really just for work. But it was a pleasant stay, nonetheless.

I'll be posting more photos from this trip in the next few days. I had more pictures of the hotel room than outdoors. Haha.

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