Second Chances: Painted Locker

Do you believe in second chances?

I do. I do!
I am so glad I saw the potential of this locker. This yellow beauty is  a bright dose of sunshine in our happy little kitchen and holds on one door, all of our shoes (vs. the rickety shoe racks sold at malls), and on the other, all the other things which doesn't have a designated place in the house like umbrellas, the christmas tree in a box, Jared's baby stuff (well, some of it) etc etc.

I will take better pictures of this thing, along with the my pretty work area and Jared's room. You will see I have an ongoing love affair with lockers.

Yoohoo! I love Tuesdays!

Butterfly Baon

I knew I was going to be with away from them last Valentine's so the weekend before the 14th, I set out to make a simple school snack for Vday that my son can bring to school.

These are all in my stash: ziplock sandwich bag from Japan Home, bendable covered wire from National Bookstore, cereals and choco knots and a handpainted wooden clip from Divi.

Just fill, twist and clip on and you've got an interesting snack for kids!


School is Almost Out

I can't believe it's already March and in a few days, school will be out. Our boy went beyond our expectations and finished one whole year of school! He was in junior nursery.

Straight from school, he looks immediately for his book. Still with the hat they created.

Pawis but so happy on the slide.

Getting ready for their part in the Christmas program.

Posing with the Shakey's mascot during their Christmas party. He loves Shakeys!

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