Furniture Shopping in Paco

A brief stop at Paco, Manila last week was enough to reignite the flame I have inside. That of buying stuff for the house.

I was in search of wardrobe cabinets since I do not want the hassle of looking for able carpenter/s, waiting to see if they will show up, cleaning wood dust, and stressing about the final outcome so I thought buying ready made ones are the way to go.

These furniture shops are along Pedro Gil St, before crossing Osmena Highway. Cheaper by almost 40% I think as compared to mall prices but the material is mostly laminated wood. The 2 door cabinets start at 3,800 and the bigger ones at 7,500. You can get side tables for a mere 1,500. Real wood side tables at 2,500 but the designs are limited.

They also have bed frames, buffet tables (the one I wanted at a mall cost 6,500 and here they are offering it to me at 4,500--sorry forgot to take a pic).

But I found this small nice couch which will be perfect for the TV area--only at 1,500 and that is without haggling yet.

Paco might be worth a look for those looking for affordable furniture.


Unknown said...

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James Abram said...

Wow! That was really a cheap price for furnitures! It may be one of the thriftiest furniture store in the philippines.

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