Our First Christmas Tree

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. It's really different when you have a kid in the house. Somehow, Christmas brings a whole world of new meaning in the household. Makes it more special.

I promised our little one we'll have Christmas in our house last weekend. By Christmas, he means the tree.

So off we went to SM and hauled a slim tree which his dad preferred. Christmas trees are more affordable now, right? But thr trimmings, oh the trimmings cost almost as much as the tree itself. I would have wanted to make home made ones, but couldn't find enough inspiration on the net.

So the tree was bought and assembled, little by little. It took maybe twice as long to put up because little hands keep getting in the way =)

To make the 'event' more festive, we baked oatmeal cookies. So when we were doing this, it smelled like Christmas in the house, too.

He put up the first trimming!

Amazed at the tree, until he got bored and read and book instead.

We're still making the tree prettier and arranging the gifts (yes, we started shopping early!) underneath so the tree in full bloom pics will have to wait.

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