2015, a Year of Abundance

Hello, 2015!

A few minutes after publishing my 2014 word for the year, here I am again to put this in writing so I am accountable for it at the end of this year. I declare 2015 as a Year of Abundance.

That's right! Invite the good vibes. They say what comes to you is what you call out to the Universe. So I am calling and of course praying for blessings.

I am so happy to report that by the first banking day of this year, I have put our resources in order. I took advantage of the long holiday break to read up on various investment instruments to diversify our portfolio. I am taking baby steps but I have to catch up on a lot of years where I invested in stores instead of in funds! Not a funny matter actually but then again, they say there is no better time to invest that NOW.

May your 2015 be fulfilled and abundant in ways beyond what you hope and pray for!

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